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VARIA International Improvisation Festival

Live Art - dance, movement, music, sound, light, video...

Welcome to VARIA web page.

VARIA has at the moment no available program.

But we are glad to say that VARIA2020 now is planned for November 3-8th in Gothenburg Sweden.

The VARIA2020 program will be published in September.

VARIA wish you a great summer-time and hope to see you soon again.

*Please read before booking ticket.

When decided to book ticket via mail to us, you commit to pay selected parts.

VARIA is arranged by artists and depend on this income for realization of these arrangements.

The invoice sent to you after booking, should be paid to given account at the latest 3 work-days after booking-confirmation from VARIA.

If your payment is not at our account within this time, administration fee á SEK 50 will be charged to a reminding invoice.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us via mail if you have any questions before booking.

If you get sick after booking, we will until 1 day before start of selected part/parts, pay 75% of your paid amount back, against copy of sickness-certificate from your doctor, sent via pdf attached in mail to uss.

If VARIA needs to cancel booked program, VARIA will pay back paid amount excluding SEK 50 in administration fee.

Thank-You for respecting this!

(Program with reservation for change)