VARIA various things; variable changeable...

VARIA International Improvisation Festival

Live Art - dance, music, video, light, performance, education, lectures, seminars, work in progress...

Planning for a possible and exclusive VARIA2025 at Atalante, Göteborg Sweden, figures both in thought and on the desk.


March 3-6 “Brief Moments of Solidarity in a World Gone Mad”, Andrew Morrish performance project for 2024/online etc.

BMSWGM will consist of a variety of improvisations, some alone and some with colleagues world wide.

VIDARE is a dance and music duet performance series presented fall 2024 in Sweden.

Foto Lisa Larsdotter Petersson

Available - VARIA2004-2021 book with text and photo, produced/published -21.

Find at 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg. Or order the book (in subject of availability), against postal-charge & SEK 60 in admin-cost.

Add your name, post-address, number of books to an email. Send it to: info (a)

Check photo and video short cuts and more photo, text from VARIA2006-2021. Find documentation - text, photo, video - from sixteen active VARIA years.

VARIA2004-2021 thanks to the many artists, audiences, venues, collaborators, contributors and everyone else whom, in various ways, supported in making

VARIA into an organic meeting place for outstanding contemporary performing arts.

Program with reservation for change.