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VARIA18 SHORT CUT Performance Program 13/4 & 14/4 at. 19.00


Welcome to evenings with three solo-performances per night.

VARIA is delighted to once again introduce solo-work by the eminent performance-artist Andrew Morrish.

A solo by Morrish is equally surprising and intuitive when materializing from humour, sincerity, sharpness and rock-roll poetry.

Further solo´s by Lisa Larsdotter Petersson and Maria Mebius-Schröder is part of the evenings where dance, movement, voice

and words will be mixed in time and space.


Performance Program 13/4 & 14/4 is presented below in order of appearance.

For tickets & address-location, go to end of this page.

Early ticket-booking is recommended, due to fewer number of seats.

VARIA18 SHORT CUT Föreställningsprogram/Performance Program SVE/ENG - Skriv ut/Print PDF

13/4 19.00 – ca20.40 (incl. paus)


SEVENTH CUT (length ca40 min)

Solo by Andrew Morrish, performance-artist (AU)

"My solos are based in the questions of "what needs to be said?" "and how can I say it?"

These questions are asked and answered whilst I am performing, and range from the banal to the profound.

Andrew has 37 years of experience working as a freelance performer and researcher of improvisation.

He work´s internationally in theatre, dance and opera.

























Andrew Morrish, photo Karl Petersson

EIGHT CUT (length ca20 min)

Solo by Maria Mebius-Schröder, dancer (S)

In solo improvisation Maria´s interest is the unexpected moments where sound, rhythm and movement together are developed in a musical process.

Maria is dancer, improviser and choreographer in Sweden and internationally.

























Maria Mebius-Schröder, photo Karl Petersson

NINTH CUT (length ca20 min)

Solo by Lisa Larsdotter Petersson, performance-artist (S)

Lisa is a serious, humorous artist that in solos uses movement, sound and words assisted by the unpredictable and the obvious.

She is a performance and visual -artist, working scenically in varied forms newt to arranging multi-disciplinary projects based in/on improvisation.

























Lisa Larsdotter Petersson, photo Karl Petersson

14/4 19.00 – ca20.40 (incl. paus)


TENTH CUT (length ca20 min)

Solo by Lisa Larsdotter Petersson

(Read about the solo above)


ELEVENTH CUT (length ca20 min)

Solo by Maria Mebius-Schröder

(Read about the solo above)


TWELFTH CUT (length ca40 min)

Solo by Andrew Morrish

(Read about the solo above)



Teater Uno, Esperantoplatsen 7-9, 41119 Göteborg, Sweden



We recommend booking in early advance at: info(a)

Note! Deadline tickets via booking as above: 6/4.

If you do not book your ticket: Tickets are sold (cash/swish, in subject of availability) at the door.

Door opens 20 min before start.



SEK 150.



2 evenings/same person SEK 225.

1 evening & bring a friend ticket/2 persons SEK 225.



If planning to participate in Educational-program and to see 2 performance-evenings, VARIA offers generous performance/educational pass:

Go to EDUCATION for info, booking, payment.


Swedish, English & perhaps other known & unknown language will most lightly be used in VARIA2018.



Please read before booking.

When decided to book ticket via mail to us, you commit to pay selected parts. VARIA is arranged by artists and depend on income for realization of these arrangements.

The invoice sent to you after booking, should be paid to given account at the latest 7 days after booking-confirmation from VARIA.

If your payment is not at our account within this time, administration fee á SEK 50 will be charged to a reminding invoice.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us via mail if you have any questions before booking.

If you get sick after booking, we will until 1 day before start of selected part/parts, pay 75% of your paid amount back, against copy of sickness-certificate from your doctor, sent via pdf & mail to uss.

If VARIA needs to cancel booked program, VARIA will pay back paid amount excluding SEK 50 in administration fee.

Thanks for respecting this!




(With reservation for change)