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VARIA17 SHORT CUT Performance Program

30/9 19.00 & 1/10 17.00 in Göteborg, Sweden

Enjoy bass journeys, drum scores, movement and dance when they together enter time and space.

VARIA17 SHORT CUT present duet performances by six inspiring movement and dance, music and sound artists.

These evenings, with same three constellations, among else allow audiences to see how improvisation changes from one evening to the next.


Performance Program 30/9 & 1/10, presented below in order of appearance.

For tickets & address-location, go to end of this page.

Early ticket-booking is recommended.


VARIA17 SHORT CUT Föreställningsprogram/Performance Program SVE/ENG - Skriv ut/Print PDF



VARIA17 SHORT CUT 30/9 19.00 – ca20.30 (incl. paus)



Duet by Katarina Eriksson dancer (S/USA) & Yasuhito Mori musician (S/JP)

Yasuhito Mori and Katarina Eriksson found each other improvisationally during the Danc'n Bass Festival in Göteborg 2011.

With curiosity they look forward to letting impulses bounce freely in an "audio-visual contact improvisation".

The theme for VARIA17 SHORT CUT; "movement/dance meets music/sound" is perfect for Yasuhito who loves dance,

and for Katarina who has been called "a dancer with a musicians mind".



Katarina Eriksson, photo Ray Chung Yasuhito Mori, photo Gen Nonaka

































Duet by Henrik Wartel drummer (S) & Lisa Larsdotter Petersson performance artist (S)

The drummer Henrik Wartel and stage and visual -artist Lisa Larsdotter Petersson have collaborated in performance in several ways

since the beginning of this century, but now it´s a few years ago. Both of them are dedicated improvisers and in VARIA17 SHORT CUT,

they look forward to meet on stage in unpredictable journeys and in the spirit of movement, music, sound and space.



Lisa Larsdotter Petersson, photo Karl Petersson Henrik Wartel, photo Staffan Jofjell


























Duet by Anna Westberg dancer (S) & Nina de Heney musician (S)

Anna & Nina have collaborated as a duo for almost twenty years. The focus of their work has been on improvising and creating instant compositions;

together finding a creative flow. They have performed at traditional venues as well as in various contexts in churches, outdoors, in art galleries,

in castles and in bars. Since 2008 they run the festival Dance’nBass, a concept presenting dance and double-bass players in different constellations.



Nina de Heney, Anna Westberg, photo Joel Brindefalk Nina de Heney, photo Peter Purgar




























VARIA17 SHORT CUT 1/10 17.00 – ca18.30 (incl. paus)




Duet by Anna Westberg dancer (S) & Nina de Heney musician (S)

(Read about duet collaboration above)



Duet by Henrik Wartel drummer (S) & Lisa Larsdotter Petersson performance artist (S)

(Read about duet collaboration above)



Duet by Katarina Eriksson dancer (S/USA) & Yasuhito Mori musician (S/JP)

(Read about the collaboration above)


Swedish, English and perhaps other known and unknown language will most lightly be used in VARIA17 SHORT CUT









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Door opens 20 min before start.



Gröna Rummet, Konstepidemin, Konstepidemins Väg, Göteborg, Sweden



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