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19/10 19.00 – ca20.40 (incl. paus)


VOICE UTTER(D)ANCES (length ca20 min)

Duet by Alessio Castellacci composer, voice artist (IT/DE) & Irena Z. Tomažin (SI) dance, voice -artist (S)

It’s not so much about the voice as it is about listening. And it’s not so much about the dance as it is about allowing to be moved.

By gesture, by silence, by almost inaudible. To let in the pulses that belong to the moment, the textures of human voice that don’t find space in

our everyday known life. To hear what is overlooked or rather “heard over”. To meet oneself with the other.

We don’t own our voices and gestures, rather we belong to them.


When deciding for the VARIA2018 theme, inviting Alessio Castellacci was one of the obvious choices.

Now in duet together with fascinating Irena Z. Tomažin, I am sure we are in for a great treat. Lisa Larsdotter Petersson





























Alessio Castellacci, photo Stefano Piemontese Irena Z Tomažin, photo Nada Zgank



VARIA International Improvisation Festival

Live Art - dance, movement, music, sound, light, video...



VARIA2018 Improvisation Festival

Performance Program 19/10 – 20/10


Welcome to evenings with three Duet Performances per night & conversation.

VARIA is pleased to introduce performance by artists profoundly based in inspiring movement and voice work.

The duet-constellations are carefully chosen to high-light the exiting festival-theme “Dance and Movement meets Voice and Sound”.

To further maximize these evenings, one personal video-light installation and a unique stage-room will embrace it all.

Read complete Performance Program below, including about the conversation "Moved by Voice".


Performance Program 19/10-20/10 & conversation 20/10, presented below in order of appearance.

For tickets & address-location, go to end of this page.

Early ticket-booking recommended/fewer tickets available due to small stage-room.

VARIA2018 Föreställningsprogram/Performance Program SVE/ENG - Skriv ut/Print PDF


STILL BREATHING (length ca20 min)

Duet by Hui-Chun Lin musician, composer (TW/DE) & Lisa Larsdotter Petersson performance, visual -artist (S)

A small room, two performers, one cello. MOVEMENT - for sure (assuming breath), VOICE - absolutely (if still breathing),

SOUND - definitely (breathing-theory works also here), MUSIC - most lightly (define music), WORDS - for sure (aren’t they great).


As VARIA curator I have the enjoyment to invite artists. I meet Lin at another festival and was astounded by her music and powerful appearance at stage.

When asking her about a collaboration, she said yes. Lisa Larsdotter Petersson



























Hui-Chun Lin, photo Christina Marx Lisa Larsdotter Petersson, photo Lisa Larsdotter Petersson

TIES & BONDS (length ca30 min)

Duet by Susanne Martin dancer, choreographer (DE) & Alex Nowitz voice-artist, composer (DE)

Appreciation, admiration, love, candour, frankness, curiosity, unconditional trust, pleasure in improvising, strength to rescue each other,

courage to fail together, intrepidity to quarrel with the other, to create friction, and always knowing that there is no defeat, nor victory.

These are the conditions to build invisible ties that connect two performer-individuals with each other,

whose performance practices derive from different artistic disciplines.


This lovely artist constellation I had the pleasure watching perform in Berlin few years ago.

From that I got a wish for more. It is a delight to present this vibrant and unpredictable duo to the Göteborg public. Lisa Larsdotter Petersson































Susanne Martin & Alex Nowitz, photo Diethild Meier


20/10 13.30 – 14.30



Conversation with Irena Z. Tomažin (SI) dance, voice -artist

The body that listens and resonates with the heard. Every so often, the voice becomes tangible and enters the body directly. The closeness of this place is strangely uncanny, because we are oblivious and alienated from our innermost flesh. What moves us, is what we hear and also what surrounds us in the silence. Listening and moving sometimes turns out to be the same. I will speak about my relationship towards voice and dance/ movement that I have been exploring in my work over the last ten years.


Jannine Rivel, dancer choreographer (S), in collaboration with VARIA/Lisa Larsdotter Petersson, talks with Irena Z. Tomažin about her work.

The last part will be open to public question. “Moved by Voice” is given with free admission, no registration is needed.


20/10 19.00 – ca20.40 (incl. paus)


TIES & BONDS (length ca20 min)

Duet by Susanne Martin dancer, choreographer (DE) & Alex Nowitz voice-artist, composer (DE)

(Read about the duet performance above)


STILL BREATHING (length ca20 min)

Duet by Hui-Chun Lin musician, composer (TW/DE) & Lisa Larsdotter Petersson performance, visual -artist (S)

(Read about the duet performance above)


VOICE UTTER(D)ANCES (length ca30 min)

Duet by Alessio Castellacci composer, voice artist (IT/DE) & Irena Z. Tomažin dance, voice -artist (SI)

(Read about the duet performance above)



19/10 & 20/10


Video-Light installation during performance, by Christina Hallström filmmaker, visual artist (NL/S)

Irregular light circles with soft focus dancing and shifting constantly, when all the leaves of the trees form the lens itself,

touch me each time with their cinematographic beauty, like the headlights of approaching traffic in a nouvelle vague movie.


This time the VARIA stage is intriguingly different, this goes for the light as-well.

For performance-evenings a fixed video-light installation is created by Christina Hallström in collaboration with VARIA.

Furter more the room has great acoustics, high ceiling and a personal touch. Lisa Larsdotter Petersson





















Image Christina Hallström



LOCATION/TICKETS - PERFORMANCE 19/10 & 20/10, 19.00-20.40


Hus 10 Konstepidemin, Carl-erik hammaréns backe 1, 41314 Göteborg, Sweden



We recommend purchasing ticket in early advance, book at: info(a)

Note! Deadline tickets via booking as above: 14/10.

If you do not book your ticket: (Left over) tickets are sold (cash/swish) at the door.

Door opens 20 min before start.



SEK 150



2 evenings/same person SEK 250

1 evening & bring a friend ticket/2 persons SEK 250


LOCATION/ENTRE - MOVED BY VOICE 20/10, 13.30-14.30


Gröna Rummet Konstepidemin, Konstepidemins väg, 41314 Göteborg, Sweden

“Moved by Voice” is given with free admission. No registration needed. Door opens 20 min before start.


Swedish, English & perhaps other known & unknown language will most lightly be used in VARIA2018.

VARIA2018 Performance Program & conversation (in English) is suitable also for non-Swedish speaking audience etc. - sound-scape, movement, light to appreciate.

Availability in VARIA2018 is limited due to selected venue (no elevator, narrow seating area). Age suggestion Performance Program 10-110.

As always, we are doing our best to enable as many as possible.


Please read before booking.

When decided to book ticket via mail to us, you commit to pay selected parts. VARIA is arranged by artists and depend on income for realization of these arrangements.

The invoice sent to you after booking, should be paid to given account at the latest 7 days after booking-confirmation from VARIA.

If your payment is not at our account within this time, administration fee á SEK 50 will be charged to a reminding invoice.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us via mail if you have any questions before booking.

If you get sick after booking, we will until 1 day before start of selected part/parts, pay 75% of your paid amount back, against copy of sickness-certificate from your doctor, sent via pdf & mail to uss. If VARIA needs to cancel booked program, VARIA will pay back paid amount excluding SEK 50 in administration fee.

Thanks for respecting this!




(With reservation for change)