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VARIA International Improvisation Festival

Artists from many countries, diverse generations and disciplines - dance, theatre, music, light, video, sound -art, comes together in VARIA


VARIA18 SHORT CUT Participating Artists 11-15/4

Participants in VARIA18 SHORT CUT are as always carefully selected and invited to underline the art of improvisation.

Participants this time is one international artist alongside two artists from Sweden, together representing among else dance, movement, sound, text -work.


Participating artists 11-15/4, is presented below in order of appearance.

Andrew Morrish - performance artist (AU)

Workshop 11-12/4, Solo 13/4 & 14/4, Coach 14-15/4

Andrew Morrish has 37 years of experience working as a freelance performer, teacher and researcher of improvisation.

He has worked internationally in theatre, dance and opera. He was an original member of Al Wunder’s “Theatre of the Ordinary” in Melbourne and his own improvisation practice was fostered by 8 years in Theatre of the Ordinary and 12 years working in close collaboration with Peter Trotman.

He has developed his personal approach to teaching improvisation in the last 17 years and teaches extensively in Europe and Australia.

In 2017 he taught and performed in Orbost, Daylesford, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Hobart, (Australia), Poznan (Poland), Berlin, Köln, (Germany), Helsinki (Finland) and Paris, (France). In 2016 he was awarded the Australia Council for the Arts, Dance Fellowship.


Maria Mebius-Schröder – dancer, choreographer (S)

Solo 13/4 & 14/4

Dancer and improviser for 30 years, in Sweden and abroad. She has worked with dance-theater at Stadsteatern and Folkteatern in Gothenburg, been touring with Tomas Revy, choreographed several dance-pieces at Atalante and created many "site specific" work in public space.

Alongside solo-work Maria often has collaborated with musicians, for example Christian Jormin, Mats Gustavsson, Nina de Heney, Arve Henriksen and with improvisers/choreographers, such as Julyen Hamilton, Birgitta Egerbladh and Palle Dyrvall.


Lisa Larsdotter Petersson - performance and visual -artist (S)

Solo 13/4 & 14/4

After studying Philosophy, Photography and Sculpture in Sweden, Lisa Larsdotter Petersson went on to, among else, study Instant composition, Contact improvisation and Authentic movement in several countries. Since several years now she is using improvisation as an essential tool in performance and when teaching, parallel with her work with visual art and exhibition periods. Further and for a long time now, she initiated, produced and participated in several gatherings and projects of international and national artists who also wish to blend their disciplines by way of improvisation in live performances. One example of her projects is VARIA Improvisation Festival that she has been running since -04.