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VARIA International Improvisation Festival

Artists from many countries, diverse generations and disciplines - dance, theatre, music, light, video, sound -art, comes together in VARIA


VARIA2018 Improvisation Festival

Participating Artists 15-20/10


Participants in VARIA2018 are as always carefully selected and invited to underline festival-theme for the period.

This time we are glad to introduce several interesting international artists, performers and researchers representing dance, movement

alongside voice, sound and music -work.


Participating artists 15-20/10, is presented below in order of appearance.


Susanne Martin – choreographer and dancer (DE)

Classes 15-18/10, Duet 19/10 & 20/10 (together with Alex Nowitz).

Susanne Martin (Berlin) is an improvisation-based choreographer, performer, researcher, and teacher. She focuses on CI, instant composition, somatic awareness, and ironic distancing as core considerations in contemporary performance making. Her book Dancing Age(ing): Rethinking Age(ing) in and through Improvisation Practice and Performance was published 2017. Many years of collaborating with Gothenburg choreographer Bronja Novak brought her to Sweden again and again. She is happy to be back once more.

Alessio Castellacci – composer and voice artist (IT/DE)

Workshop 17-18/10, Duet 19/10 & 20/10 (together with Irena Z. Tomažin)

Alessio Castellacci is a performer, voice and movement teacher and sound composer based in Berlin.

His artistic research focuses on voice embodiment, improvised performance and sound design. Next to his work as sound composer of theatre and dance productions, Alessio has taught "The Synesthetic Voice" throughout Europe, an approach for voice and movement improvisation that combines his studies in developmental psychology, dance improvisation and sound design. Alessio is the artistic curator of the educational programs The World is Sound (TWIS) and ROAR Berlin.,


Irena Z. Tomažin – dancer and voice artist (SI)

Duet 19/10 & 20/10 (together with Alessio Castellacci), Conversation 20/10

Irena Z. Tomažin is a dancer, voice and movement performer and Philosophy postgraduate based near Ljubljana, Slovenia. In the last ten years, next to collaborating with other artists and performing in different dance and theatre productions, Irena has created a series of voice and movement solos, duets and group works in nine performances. As an experimental voice artist she is involved in the European scene of improvised music and has on-going collaborations with some of the world's most renowned improvisers. As a teacher she shares her work regularly teaching workshops in Europe as well she was teaching in Baltimore / US, Tokio/Japan, Beirut/Lebanon. Whatever she has created until now feels somehow unfinished, and opens up more questions and directions of research that she keeps investigating.

Alex Nowitz – composer and voice artist (DE)

Duet 19/10 & 20/10 (together with Susanne Martin), Class 20/10

Alex Nowitz (Potsdam/Stockholm) is a composer of vocal, instrumental and electroacoustic music incl. works for opera, dance and theatre. He’s also a voice artist, whistling and singing virtuoso with a range of more than six octaves, combining a variety of vocal techniques. Presenting his solo work on the international stage, he often combines the voice with custom live electronics built at STEIM in Amsterdam. One of the first public appearances of the Strophonion was at Varia 2011 in Gothenburg. Alex Nowitz is currently working on the PhD-project Expanded Vocal Spaces: Explorations By The Multivocal Practitioner at the Stockholm University of the Arts.

Hui-Chun Lin – musician and composer-artist (TW/DE)

Duet 19/10 & 20/10 (together with Lisa Larsdotter Petersson)

Cellist Hui-Chun Lin is an active member of Berlin’s improvised music scene, to which she contributes regularly as a performer and curator of improvised chamber music events. As a performer, she has developed an original improvisational style characterized by a large sound range, dramatic intensity, and a unique musical grammar. She performs regularly with the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra, Ocean of Pink Dot (with Jenny Haack) and Mensagem Ensemble, and has performed as a soloist and ensemble member at festivals and concerts throughout Europe. In 2015, she co-founded Maybee Records, a label for improvised acoustic music in collaboration with Berlin based pianist Chino Shuichi.

Lisa Larsdotter Petersson - performance and visual -artist (S)

Duet 19/10 & 20/10 (together with Hui-Chun Lin)

After studying Philosophy, Photography and Sculpture in Sweden, Lisa Larsdotter Petersson went on to, among else, study Instant composition, Contact improvisation and Authentic movement in several countries. Since many years she is using improvisation as an essential tool in performance and when teaching, parallel to her work with visual art and exhibition periods. Further, she initiates, produce and participates in several gatherings and projects of international and national artists who also wish to blend their disciplines by way of improvisation in live performances. One example of her projects is VARIA Improvisation Festival that she has been running since -04.

Christina Hallström – film-maker and visual artist (NL/S)

Video-light installation for performance evenings 19/10 & 20/10

Christina Hallström was born and raised in Sweden but lives and works in Amsterdam, where she graduated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1998. Since then she works as a visual artist, photographer, and filmmaker.


Installation light & performance-room in collaboration with VARIA & VARIA co-workers.

Jannine Rivel – choreographer, dancer and VARIA co-worker (S)

Moderator Conversation 20/10

Jannine Rivel works within the field of dance with movement through choreography, dance and teaching.

She produces and choreographs her own work and she enjoys working and dancing in collaborations with movement based artists and performers.

She is also a Certified Teacher of Klein Technique™ and teaches ongoing classes and travels internationally to teach workshops.


Since 2011 Jannine Rivel is a much appreciated VARIA co-worker.

Topics, questions raced in “Moved by Voice” in collaboration with VARIA/Lisa Larsdotter Petersson