VARIA various things; variable changeable...


VARIA International Improvisation Festival

Live Art - dance, music, video, light, performance, workshop, work in progress, conversation, meeting, lecture



VARIA is glad to revile that there will be a VARIA18 SHORT CUT in April

And further a VARIA2018 festival-occasion is planned for October.

As always these parts will contain exiting Performance and Educational sections.

In beginning of February -18, all spring details will be available.


VARIA has since 2004 created intense and well-attended festival period´s along-side recent SHORT CUT´s.

These projects opened up for many meetings between great artists and lovely audiences.


VARIA wish you lovely winter period...


Enjoy text, video, photo documentation from recent VARIA17 SHORT CUT & from VARIA2006-2016.




(With reservation for change)