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VARIA International Improvisation Festival

Live Art - dance, music, video, light, performance, workshop, work in progress, conversation, meeting, lecture



VARIA2018 Improvisation Festival

15/10 – 20/10, Göteborg, Sweden


VARIA present real time performance art by national and international artist.

VARIA2018 topic is “Dance and Movement meets Voice and Sound”. The voice is full off potential parallel to intriguing mystery, in combination with movement and dance this period promise something out of the ordinary.

Artists from several countries enter Performance Program, where duets is presented in a sound-worthy stage room. Conversation with free entrance is also part. Educational Program gives vivid workshop and several classes. All, in different ways, related to VARIA2018 theme.


Welcome to VARIA2018



See/read video, photo & text documentation from VARIA2006-2018 history.

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Tip - More Performance Improvisation in Göteborg during fall 2018.




(With reservation for change)