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VARIA International Improvisation Festival

Live Art - dance, music, video, light, performance, workshop, work in progress, conversation, meeting, lecture



Thanks for coming by VARIA.

There are no VARIA program available at the moment.

Planes for a VARIA2019 Festival does exist, more about it here during spring -19.


VARIA2018 Improvisation Festival

October 15-20, documentation is now published. Take part of few of all great moments occurring, and visit VIDEO for duet performance short-cuts,

PREVIOUS for text piece, more text and the conversation "Moved by Voice", and PHOTO for, yes photo - All components of a lovely festival.



Also part of this VARIA year and presented this spring, find documentation at VIDEO, PHOTO, PREVIOUS



Tip - More Performance Improvisation in Göteborg during fall 2018.


VARIA at facebook.


Have nice winter months, best regards VARIA org.




(With reservation for change)